10 Things to do in Hemsedal, Norway

10 Things to do in Hemsedal, Norway

Hemsedal is a small unknown beautiful village between Oslo and Bergen. In the winter, you will feel like in you are in the fairytale because everywhere you look, there is white snow and during the summer you could enjoy the beautiful green view of the village and hike many mountains around it. I could say that I was very lucky to have a chance to live there for 6 months.

For me, Hemsedal is one of the hidden gems in Norway because this small village is very beautiful, peaceful and there are not many people know this place (only Scandinavian people, unfortunately). Young Norwegians often visit Hemsedal during the winter because it has the best Ski resort and Ski party in the country. But, besides those popular activities, there are a lot of amazing things that you can do in Hemsedal during summer and winter. So, if you are in Norway and a bit bored to visit a popular place, you can come here to see the authentic Norwegian village.

How to get to Hemsedal:

You could take a train to Gol station from Bergen or Oslo. Please check nsb.no for the train schedule. When you arrive in Gol Gol Station, you could take the bus no 360 to Hemsedal

1. Skiing and Snowboarding on Hemsedal’s Slopes

Hemsedal is very famous with its Ski Resort, coming here to do downhill skiing and snowboarding are perfect! Do you know that it is Noway’s largest alpine ski resorts and the best as well in the country? So, don’t be surprise if there are more people in Hemsedal during the winter compared with the summertime. If you prefer to do cross country skiing don’t worry! You can go to Hemsedal’s cross country stadium at Gravset because it is the starting point for a large network of trails to Lykkja and Gol.

2. Hiking 20 mountains

Hemsedal is located on the beautiful green valley, that is the reason why you will see many mountains around. If you love hiking, Hemsedal will be a perfect destination for you to hike the mountain and see beautiful scenery from the top of it. The hikes in Hemsedal is vary in length and dificullties, thus, this activity is suitable for beginner and expert hiker. There are 20 top hikes that you can do during the summer (May – August). You can go to Hemsedal Tourist Information in the centrum to ask for the brochure and these people will give you a lovely advice where to start and which mountain is the best for you to hike.

  • Hemsedal Tourist Office
  • Address: Hoevlerivegen 6, Hemsedal 3560, Norway
  • Phone +47 32 05 50 30

3. Huskies Riding

Driving your own sled with 5-6 friendly huskies on the frozen lake is a must thing to do in Hemsedal because it will be one of your best life experiences. When you drive a sled of snow dogs, you could also enjoy the beautiful white mountain around. Please dress warm because it will be very cold when you do this activity and don’t forget your camera to record your unforgettable experience.

  • Hemsedal Huskies
  • Address: Eikre 3560 Hemsedal
  • Phone: +47 48276199

4. Watching Northern Light

If you are lucky, during the winter, you will see the magical northern lights in Hemsedal. Even though Hemsedal is not located in the northern part of Norway, you could still have a chance to see the famous Aurora Borealis here. So, prepare your camera to capture it! Crossed my fingers for you guys!

5. Road trip in Lykkja

If you are in Hemsedal, don’t forget to visit this area because it has wonderful views. Just drive along this area and I am sure you will stop your car so many times because they are many beautiful places to visit and to enjoy. During the winter, this place will be completely white with some red houses pop up and it will be very green in the summer.

6. Eating in the Cute Homey Café

In the cold winter, having a warm chocolate in the nice café will be a great idea. In Hemsedal you will find many homey cafés serving delicious foods and warm drink. My favorite is Hemsedal Café where you could find three clocks on the wall with New York Time, Hemsedal Time and Bali Time. I feel home over there because I could always see what time in my hometown when look to one of the clocks. The other café that I love is Elmas Café. It has a kid’s corner that will keep your kids busy and creative while we are enjoying our coffee.

7. Visit the wild Rjukandefossen Waterfall

This waterfall is magnificent and special because it never looks the same in a whole year. In the summer, you will see this big waterfall with green color around but in the winter, it will be totally frozen where you could walk around it freely. In Hemsedal, people also do ice climbing on this waterfall during the winter. Maybe it is also interesting thing to do for you? To get here from the centrum, you could drive to Tuv, nearby Rjukandefoss Camping and you will see the sign in the left side. Follow the sign and you will be there very soon!

8. Partying in Stavkroa

As we know that Hemsedal is a tiny calm village with 2000 people living there. But, if you want to see the different face of Hemsedal in the night, you could go to Stavkroa, the Hemsedal nightclub. Many people will gather in this place, dancing and enjoying the live music.

  • Stavkroa Club
  • Address: Skiheisveien 1, 3560 Hemsedal, Norway
  • Phone: +47 32055410

9. Visit Hemsedal Bygdetun

Hemsedal Bygdetun is the cultural museum where you could visit Øvre Løkji, the oldest farms in Hemsedal.This farm will show you how the farm life was in Hemsedal from the 17th century up to now. From here, you could also find the hike trail to the Geiteberget hills, Storhøvda and Skuvefjell.

  • Hemsedal Bygdetun
  • Address : Ulsåk, 3560 Hemsedal
  • Phone : +47 32 07 14 85

10. Going around in the Centrum

The centrum of Hemsedal is also worth to visit because the beautiful nature around it make this place special. In the centrum, you could also visit the beautiful old church, Hemsedal Kyrkje that has been built in 1882. The other favorite spot to relax in the centrum is behind the SPAR supermarket, because you can sit facing the river and enjoying the nature.

So, whether you are coming in the winter or summer, Hemsedal always have cool activities for you! So, forget the touristic place and come to Hemsedal to experience the real Norwegian village!

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