After I graduated from bachelor degree in 2014, I decided to move out from Indonesia. Just for you know that my dream to travel the world seems impossible for most of the people in my country but I still believe on it. Since then, my travel journey abroad is started. 

In 2014, I was an au pair in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. At that time, I was able to travel around Europe for a month with Interrail. It was a very unforgettable experience because for the first time in my life, I could travel by my own for a month around Europe and met many amazing people from all over the world. That journey opened my eyes and my mind that traveling solo is not a scary thing to do but very interesting and challenging instead. 

In 2015, I moved to Hemsedal, Norway as an Au Pair as well. In the winter, Hemsedal is a fairy tale village. White, cold, and beautiful! I even could see the Northern light from my room. Unbelievable right? I told you the impossible thing is possible at the end! Experienced to live in a very cold place (-28 C) for months makes my body get used to the cold very well. Don’t be shock if as a girl from tropical country, I love Ice and glacier a lot! Norway always steals my heart and it makes me falling in love with cold places. I used this Au Pair opportunity to hitchhike and tent in some Scandinavian countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland). It was one of my best solo adventure so far!

Beside traveling, I am interested on human rights issues, so in 2016, I started my master degree in Victimology and Criminal Justice at Tilburg University, The Netherlands. My life changed 180 degrees after I hold my Master of Science on my hands. I used to work in some NGOs as well as International Organization in The Netherlands. Currently I am working as a Programme Officer in one of the United Nation agency in Indonesia. Yes! working in this area is always be my dream as well and here I am!

I believe that people are unique and they have their own way to travel this world. I could say that Au Pair is the one that makes me where I am now and I love it a a lot. This is the best way to understand the culture differences, learning new languages as well a learning how to cook some local foods.

Traveling is a part of my life and I will keep exploring the world and actualize my dreams. Thus, I would like to share all of my travel and life stories in this website. If you want to know how to travel cheap, I will share my tips as well to you. Hope my experience is helpful and let’s explore the world.

XOXO, Arista


Above are images of Hemsedal, Norway where I used to live as an Au pair for seven months. Very beautiful and peaceful place right? The house under the northern light that you see in the picture is the house of my wonderful Norwegian host family. I couldn’t even believe that I had that rare chance to live in the beautiful remote area in Norway with the northern light! At least now you know why I am very happy with Hemsedal and why I love cold places because it is very beautiful, charming and mysterious.  


If you think that traveling is so expensive, you will discover how I can travel in budget, engage with local people, the culture as well as transform your budget trip to be amazing moment in your life. You will find some of amazing itineraries and some tips and trick for your next journey. Read, learn and tell me what you think about it. Happy travelling! 🙂

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