On this page, you can get some travel tips and tricks that might help you with your next trip. I am also going to share my unforgettable travel stories as well as the worst one, so you can learn from it.

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Cheers! – Arista


I could say that traveling has opened my eyes about this world. It makes me aware how big the world is and how tiny I am as well as showed me if there are a lot of beautiful places that we can explore. Until now, I have been to 40 countries in this world and still have so many to go. Each place that I visited gave me different stories and experience and that is the thing that I love from traveling. Of course, not all of them are good but, those bad experience taught me how to be stronger in this world.

I started my solo trip abroad when I was 19 years old. India always be my dream country to visit because of its cultures and colorful cities but my mom did not allow me to travel there alone. As you know that India is not safe for a female traveler. I wish that Indonesian parents is as easy as western parents but I am Indonesian after all where I have to work extra to convince my parents to let me go. At the end, I booked my ticket to Malaysia and Thailands instead. And yes! I get addicted to travel after that. 

In 2014, I travelled around Europe alone for a month with Interrail and it was a very amazing trip. So cool to see new places, people, cultures, hearing different languages and tasting different foods. Couldn’t believe that my dream comes true!

In 2015, I travelled around Scandinavian countries as well as Eastern European countries with hitchhiking. At the beginning, It was just a crazy idea but I did it anyway! Carrying around my red backpack along with my tent everywhere, get into different car of strangers to keep moving, tenting and sleeping in the woods and snowy mountain. What a trip! I will never forget how cool it was and I will never know if I can be that brave to stand up on the edge of the road with my thumb as well as sleeping in the wood of Norway alone.


My travel stories are not always good. Do you know that I was dealing with so many crazy things when I was traveling alone as a woman? I had to deal with a man who masturbated next to me in the middle of wine yard, almost get kidnapped in Turkey as well as has been sexually harassed in Norway and Israel. Traveling alone is not always easy and in some point, it transformed you to be a stronger woman.

At the end, traveling is not only about how many places you have visited but it also about the experience you get and the people you met. That is why I love to travel! 

On this page, I will share my travel stories and itineraries of my trip. Hopefully they are helpful for you guys.

Thank you, Arista





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